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Qvist Search is a professional headhunting company that locates key employees for midsize and larger companies all around Denmark.
Many years of experience with recruitment has provided Qvist Search with thorough knowledge of basically any industry and job description. As a result, we can solve every kind of headhunting challenges.

As advisors, we assist in covering the span between your company’s current situation, the future vision and strategy in order to gather the human resources necessary to realise the vision. On the other hand, if the vision or strategy is lacking, we are more than happy to put on our consulting hat and assist you in developing these.

Qvist Search creates real value in the eyes of our clients and candidates. We do this by focusing on long-term employment. Therefore, Qvist Search has developed its own headhunting concept, where we act as our client’s representative in regards to any interaction with potential candidates. We focus on the candidate’s true job motivation and desire – matched against the client’s organisational culture.
From experience, this is a very efficient method for finding the perfect match, despite its slightly larger time consumption.Take a look at what our clients say about Qvist Search: (link til Supana – engelsk version)


We have the experience, the analyses and the processes to achieve the best solution.

Personal assessment

By applying recognised personal analyses combined with an interview.

Team assessment

Our assessment is based on a competency assessment of each team member.

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