Is your Board of Directors a valuable and strategic business partner or?

Does your company have the Board of Directors that it deserves? A Board that comprises all the generic competencies within the company’s value chain? On a level, where strategic work and decisions are accomplished as a unit? With a combination of competencies that makes the Board suitable as a competent collaborating partner for the operational management?


If you are requesting a specific profile, Qvist Search will most likely already have a candidate in mind.

Alternatively, we offer:

  • A quick validation of the existing Board of Director’s competencies compared to the company owner’s goals.
  • Consultancy on how to complement the Board of Directors in terms of lacking competencies.


Board candidates will primarily be identified in our database of current and former decision makers. Everyone is assessed in regards to job competencies and the ability to create organisational culture or enforce changes within, as well as the ability to work strategically.

Our analysis tools and our thorough knowledge of potential candidates not only provide a secure but also fast solution, which creates value for all parties.

Do you have a request?

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