Using the headhunter as a business consultant?

The mantra for most companies equals changes. New surroundings, new technology, environmental requirements, political decisions and similar matters require constant changes. Not all changes succeed despite the best intentions – why?

Changes are fundamentally rooted in human resources and are overall achieved through the manager’s behaviour. Replacing the executive manager can be a solution, but not necessarily the best solution in every situation. It can be quite expensive to await a new executive manager to accede the position and manifest him or herself as a leader!

Perhaps, a better solution would be to take the trouble of looking into other probable causes:

  • Are the different teams within the company failing to work efficiently? Or are the members on each team failing to work together efficiently? Perhaps due to emphasis on personal prestige instead of job-related prestige?
  • Has the organisation failed to implement and adapt the organisational culture (values and attitudes) and what is the cause?
  • Are individual employees failing to accept or adapt to the changes?

The issues are directly linked to the requirements of the job profile. Qvist Search will quickly be able to identify and analyse on the issues as well as consult on the results.

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