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50+ and no job – and with all that experience!

Age discrimination? No, I do not experience the phenomenon as distinct, but it cannot and should not be neglected of course. But"The old” can themselves be a very large part of the challenge. The main theme is, of course, salary level, but most importantly the willingness and ability to change and, in at the same time, be able to prove it in both the CV and in interviews.

Postulate: Experience in itself cannot be used for anything! Experiences belong to a specific time period and tell NOTHING about the context in which they are used. One of many examples that we can all relate to: Think of the development within IT, which is the foundation of administration in any job. Yes, if the new company also uses the outdated MS version 7 and the same homemade and outdated CRM system used in the old job, 10 years of experience can probably be ok! But other companies have come a further. so if you are not up to date, the job goes to the 30-year-old who from day 1 is completely on the beat and at half the salary.

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Job competences VS. Experience in your CV

Some confuse experience with job skills. I'm sorry - it is WRONG.

Job competences are the way one uses one's personality to convey one's professionalism. In other words, how to solve the tasks. Nevertheless, describes approx. 95% of all CVs detailed responsibilities and achievements. So basically the static and historical experiences that can easily be set up in a table. When the "old" and "young” candidate is matched in the table, the young person wins almost every time: They cost half as much and the general opinion is that the young people can be shaped, perhaps because they cannot sell themselves on experience!

CVs are often read by a gatekeeper – often even by a youngster – who does not have the frame of reference to interpret a lengthy standard experience CV, as most people write them. Fair enough, because if you don't even know your own job competences and can describe them, you can't expect a gatekeeper to be able to interpret them either. Job competences are another way of thinking. Regrettably, a hard and intensive thinking job for most. As a consolation, the subsequent writing work, on the other hand, is quickly over.

Age is not determined by a birth certificate, but your competences!

one must be on the beat and describe it, to give the gatekeeper a chance to assess”the elderly burden" fairly.

And then to the salary: It must of course match the skills and not the number of years on the labor market.