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HR's frustration and the digital solution

HR's function is undermined by its administrative burden

Leadership culture is created through the leader's behavior with constant ongoing attention to the employees – processes that most often need to be stimulated and supported in the leaders' busy everyday life. So the basic work task for HR.
Lack of time is the greatest frustration for HR employees.

The biggest time waster for most people is administration!

The rationale of transforming tedious manual routines and administration into automated digital solutions has been in focus for the past 40 years with the simple aim of reducing manual work time. One of the last areas seems to be digitization of HR administration, but there is a rapidly increasing need for it.

An exit poll of 100 HR Managers from medium-sized and larger companies from an HR conference in the UK gives some food for thought:

52% would choose to automate processes if it could free up more time for the basic functions. 26% would value a simplified overall process very highly. This is how the target group expected to be able to save between 1 – 1½ days a week on administration!

One of the big administrative time wasters is recruitment! Such a big time waster that e.g. employer branding often becomes rather sporadic and sloppy. A critical path – the potential applicants probably won't have the same interest the next time the company is short of employees!

Digitization and AI reduce HR administration

AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions also create rationale, but are largely based on the digitized basic data. AI is also rapidly emerging in HR – especially in recruitment. So a good piece of advice is to get a handle on basic data as soon as possible, also to get the full benefit of the next step: AI.

HR-Partner Qvist is strongly on the way and already has already an exciting solution – to be modest.