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New: Module-based recruitment – ​​IRPO

stak af mønter placeret foran et ur - rekrutteringsløsning IRPO sparer tid og penge


Hiring the right employees is of crucial importance for creating results. An exciting and challenging process. But also with extensive time-consuming administration for registration, communication with applicants, reading through applications with attachments for validation of the applicants received etc.

The administration largely disappears with the IRPO system through digitalisation. The applicants' data find their way to the individual projects themselves and provide a simplified overview. All communication with the applicants is created by selecting customized emails with a single click. IRPO automatically converts applications into a single document including all the cumbersome attachments. It simplifies the validation considerably. An integrated client-specific subject base is also an integral part of the solution.

Most people responsible for recruitment are aware of the time saving! With the IRPO system, time is created for the value-creating and exciting processes where knowledge and insight are the theme: Uncovering job profiles, preparing advertisements, SEO optimization to promote the position, validating applications, carrying out interviews, personality testing, obtaining references and job introductions .

The primary role for HR-Partner Qvist is support for the clients' use of IRPO. To ensure handling of peak loads, support is provided both through HR-Partner Qvist and our partner in Germany (Kiel).

The secondary role of HR-Partner Qvist is support for the clients of the value-creating processes in a recruitment. Each activity is divided into independent modules that can be outsourced individually according to the client's needs. A few examples could be SEO optimization, which is more of a programming task than an HR task, or the choice of media for presenting the advertisement, which requires in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the effect related to the specific position.

IRPO breathes new life into the recruitment industry! The system has been developed solely for recruitment, and is based on HR-Partner Qvist and FEL’s +50 years in the recruitment industry

Digitization is the natural solution for your recruitment

In summary: Use of IRPO creates time savings and thus economy in recruitment, regardless of whether the client carries out the value-creating processes themselves or outsources part or all of the process to HR-Partner Qvist.

If you have 30 minutes to spare one day, we will be happy to provide a non-binding demo via the internet. Call +45 26 33 26 82 or +45 40 73 55 40 and we will arrange a time that suits you.

You can also read much more about IRPO here.