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About Qvist Search

We are always ready with all our competences. Call and have a chat about your needs, and together we find the optimal solution for you.

We create true values for both clients and candidates because we dedicate ourselves to our values

Our approach

  • We always use our combined knowledge and experience to solve the tasks and to find the right candidate.
  • Here, we always provide objective advice on method selection for the individual task.
  • We deliver the professional process that creates security through honest and direct communication.
  • We are drawn by complexities – whether it is board members, top managers, function managers or specialists. We are always looking for the unique and find an exciting match for the positions we fill. 


We don't worry about occupying the largest market share, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best value.


Companies should find security in the fact that we have knowledge of exactly their industry and challenges.


We carry personal interest in Tech.


We don't say we can - We do it.


We are always ready with all our competences. Call and have a chat about your needs, and together we find the optimal solution for you.

Flemming Qvist

CEO  & Partner

Flemming holds an MSc. Production Engineer and, as far as we know, the only Headhunter in Denmark with an engineering background. He started his career at IBM and has since then continued to work within IT, after which he found out that Headhunting was his calling. Flemming has trained many of the country's recruitment consultants, and has been CEO in Copenhagen, and since 2003 has had his own company, Qvist Search.

+45 40 73 55 40

Katrine Trudslev


 Katrine has an MA International Business Communication (Eng), and high competence within stakeholder action. At QS, she helps to carefully select and contact the right candidates for the positions we fill. At the same time, she has an overall coordinator role for the entire company and keeps track of all incoming and outgoing tasks. Katrine always values ​​high professionalism as much as high level of service.

+45 22 88 20 85

Bente Lindgren


Bente comes with broad experience from management, sales and service. She has, among other things, a diploma in Management and HR. Bente helps to always deliver value-creating solutions to our clients and candidates. This is ensured by her putting human resources at the center, where dialogue, cooperation and sparring are key words.

+45 26 33 26 82

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+45 22 88 20 85


Østre Alle 102,
9000 Aalborg

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In such confidential work as recruitment, it is sometimes difficult to get opinions on our work; here are a few recent comments from both clients and candidates who we both consider equally important clients with us.

Qvist Search has strong experience with Executive Search for top management, middle management and specialists - especially for industrial companies with their own production.

They have a deep understanding of the company's current strategy focus, including an understanding of the company's cultural changes in connection with the organisation's phase change, for example in connection with a change of ownership/generational change. This insight gives Qvist Search a strong foundation for preparing a detailed job profile description that uncovers the company's recruitment needs.

They are able to match the candidate to the job profile description based on a thorough investigation of the personal profile as well as interviews to clarify the candidate's development potential and motivation for the job match.



The recruitment process with Qvist Search was the most professional process I have experienced, security was held up through honest and direct communication.

Flemming Qvist has built a solid foundation to ensure an optimal match between company and candidate.