General interview – guidance to writing a resume in your search for a new job

We are more than happy to support you in your search for new challenges, if you are a new client, a former client or a part of our network, which has provided Qvist Search with links to new assignments!

Qvist Search prioritises recruitment assignments, consulting assignments and sales meetings. When we have the time, we are more than happy to provide individual support. The fee is determined based on the time that the individual is expected to require in order to reach his or her goals. 

In order to determine how far you are from your goals, you need to:

  • Participate in Qvist Search’s career seminar.
  • Submit your resume to our database through our website.
  • Clarify your needs through a brief phone call.

The clarification will determine your goals and not least how much homework you are willing to commit to during the process. It takes time to improve your resume – anno 2025. Not time to write, but time to think!

When the clarification is in place, Qvist Search is ready to submit an attractive offer.

Qvist Search