At the least, a successful recruitment process requires that the involved parties agree on the type of candidate they are looking for.

In close dialogue with the client, we analyse the present job in order to identify the ideal requirements for the new employee. Qvist Search shapes the job description and awaits the approval of the decision makers.

Another purpose is to identify the industry codes that may apply to researching relevant companies for potential candidates.

The main features relevant to the job description include:

The concrete:

  • The company’s basic data, desired future and goals, clients and general industry.
  • The value chain and company flow.
  • The company’s organisational and general structure and the hierarchical and geographical location of the job.
  • The responsibilities, work assignments and success criteria related to the job.
  • The required professional skills.

The interpersonal:

  • The team that the new employee will be joining.
  • The hiring manager.
  • Determining the current and future desired organisational culture through interviews and analyses of key employees.

Many clients consider the process of determining the job requirements to be very comprehensive, which is why the job description is highly applicable as a management tool on a day-to-day basis.

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