A job interview conducted by Qvist Search slightly differs from the traditional interview!

At Qvist Search, a correct match of competencies and long-term durability in regards to hiring are crucial aspects. If the match fails, it can have immeasurable consequences for you as a candidate and for the client.

Future career desires and motivation for changing jobs are paramount factors. These are determined through a personal interview and compared with the results of the prior completed personality test.

Qvist Search’s rate of success is ambitious: a minimum of 85 per cent of all hired candidates provided by Qvist search are still employed by the company after two years – either in the same job position or in a better one!

In general about the interviews conducted at Qvist Search:

  • If your generic competencies match the current job opening – we will invite you for a personal interview and ask you to complete a personality test online.
  • When your motivation and career desires are determined, you will receive the thoroughly written job description for a quick read. When the job position has been clarified, we will go through your specific and generic competencies. Additionally, we will review the results of your personality test and put on our thinking caps!
  • When the time comes, we will conclude the process face to face!
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