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Achieving 100 per cent employee efficiency often takes at least 6 months, which is equivalent to three monthly payrolls. An important aspect of this challenge is getting to know each team member’s personality and finding your own role within the existing team. Qvist Search’s concept of job introduction will help conquer this aspect.


We define the team, which the new employee will be joining. Each team member will complete a personality test. On the day of the job introduction, feedback on the personality test will be given individually in order for each team member to be prepared for the results.

The team will gather and during an anonymous review of the results of the individual tests, the team members will try to guess, which results belong to whom. Here, strengths, weaknesses and challenges pertaining to each individual and the team itself will be reviewed.


All team members will get a deep insight into each other’s personalities in terms of strengths and weaknesses. The reaction patterns are known. Who will most efficiently be able to collaborate with whom and under which circumstances? The mystery about the colleagues will be removed in a few days. Afterwards, the new employee will be able to solely concentrate on the work.

An efficient integration of the new employee creates quicker results and removes a significant part of the employee’s likely frustration.

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