Employees or the client’s own candidates

A round of questions combined with empathy is often the way to assess a personality. When the individual employee is the building block for conquering future changes or the opposite, a personality test is a valuable addition since it will elaborate on the reasons and impacts of behaviour.

Reasons for completing a personality test:

  • Does the employee in question have any unredeemed competencies and resources or lack thereof in regards to an internal position?
  • Does a potential employee fit well within the company and the team, and does he/she possess the right competencies? 
  • Do you have an applicant for a position, whom you are unsure about? Conducting competency assessments is one of Qvist Search’s core competencies.

The carefully selected normative test from People Test Systems ensures significant validity and reliability. As a result, Qvist Search guarantees that the personal interview covers competencies as well as personality.

Qvist Search offers:

  • Competency assessments of candidates from one day to the next.
  • Completion of online personality tests (People Test Systems).
  • Interviews with candidates to assess competencies.
  • Feedback to candidates.
  • Debriefing to the immediate manager in the company.
Qvist Search