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A LinkedIn profile is a ‘must’, but rarely acts as the basis for any search for new career opportunities. Most likely because it may be difficult to provide wind of your interest in changing jobs in a publicly available database such as LinkedIn. The consequences are well known, especially if you already have a job. 

At Qvist Search, we utilise LinkedIn to identify you during our research process. Our advice is: make yourself visible to us by registering in our database. It only takes three minutes and you will be within our reach, when we get a job profile that may match your qualifications.

Register using the link below to gain access to the database in order to adhere to the new privacy regulations of the Danish Data Protection Agency. This means that we will ask you to update your information on a regular basis.

N.B.: Qvist Search receives all kinds of résumés, but diplomatically speaking, most résumés do not do the candidates justice. It requires years of experience and knowledge to read between the lines. If you lack inspiration to writing an Executive résumé anno 2025, you may find it valuable to participate in our career seminar. This especially applies to specialists as well.

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