Do the teams within the company work efficiently?

Unknown and unfulfilled resources may be the engine that can truly achieve results and initiate change in your company. Does each individual team possess the competencies necessary to achieve success? Does the team possess the personalities required for the team members to take advantage of each other’s strengths and weaknesses?

Qvist Search’s team assessment is based on competency assessment of each team member based on a personality test. With the team gathered, the results will be presented visually for the entire team in order to review and discuss personalities. In addition, a discussion about the methods that initiate optimum collaboration will be initiated with focus on the thesis that differences create synergy.

Team analysis

  • The employees on each team are defined.
  • Team goals and organisational roles are clarified.
  • Everyone completes an online personality test (People Test Systems).
  • An interview with the purpose of assessing competencies is conducted for each individual team member including feedback.
  • When the team is gathered: Visual review, collaboration and conclusions on the analyses of the individual team members and the entire team.
Qvist Search