Does the entire company possess the same core values?

Implementing changes within a company requires that the manager’s behaviour reflects the values and attitudes implemented in the entire company!

  • Is the manager’s behaviour anchored in the management group, in order for it to possess similar values and attitudes?
  • Is the organisation’s fulfilment of strategic goals supported by the values and attitudes?
  • How should the values and attitudes be implemented in the entire company?

Qvist Search can clarify the challenges through a value and attitude analysis of one or more teams within the company supported by consultancy regarding the implementation of the changes.

Qvist Search applies the same method when solving the initial recruitment assignments for our new clients. 

Organisational analysis

  • The management team is defined
  • Each team member completes an individual analysis of his or her values and attitudes.
  • When the team is gathered: Visual review of the analyses with collaboration and conclusions.
  • Individual review and collaboration with the CEO.

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