When your company faces the need for hiring a new employee, would you settle for the next best thing? Or does your company deserve one of the best candidates on the market, resulting from a selective and proactive process?

Qvist Search – Headhunting

Qvist Search creates long-term employment and security for its candidates by turning the traditional headhunting process upside down.


  • To be motivated for a new job is a significantly better start than running from something.
  • Generic competencies (similar industries) provide new and exciting opportunities for both parties.
  • Long-term employment is only achieved when values and attitudes match both parties!

Qvist Search mantra:

“You are hired based on your competencies and most often let go based on your behaviour!”


  • Short-term perspective:
    • Does the candidate’s generic competencies match the job requirements?
  • Long-term perspective:
    • After having completed a personality test, the candidate’s true motive for changing jobs will be clarified.
    • The candidate’s desired organisational culture and desired management behaviour will be clarified.
    • The clarification will occur before the candidate is introduced to the concrete job and company. This results in long-term employments.

As a result

  • Qvist Search has the experience, the analyses and the processes to achieve the best solution – every time!

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