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Does recruitment matter for Employer Branding? Or the other way around?

Employer Branding & recruitment – does it even matter?

Svaret er et rungende ja – det giver stof til eftertanke! The answer is a resounding yes – it provides food for thought!

Our reference is a mix of studies from abroad and your comments
- Thank you.

41% of applicants who have bad experiences with a company will never apply for a job with the same company again! Abroad, 33% of poorly treated applicants share their experiences on social media and with a rapidly increasing trend.

The cascading effect for the individual company is impossible to forecast.

Communication is the answer in recruitment

Communication is the keyword (also for most of your input) when it comes to Employer Branding. Irritation over the lack of or a greatly delayed response of applications is significant, especially if it is simultaneously impossible to get a personal contact with the company.

The average candidate expects to be kept up to date with the process within 2 weeks – otherwise they lose interest! The reasons are many - one of the predominant ones is that you see yourself as a B applicant who, just to be safe, must have a chance to position themselves.

The majority of feedback concerns bland, incomprehensible refusals, waiting emails, invitations etc. Abroad, the missing or bad correspondence makes the social media glow! 81% of the applicants, in turn, will, with a really good experience, follow the company and its future recruitment needs.

Employer Branding's impact on recruitment

Employer Branding also makes the company attractive as a workplace. 70% of all potential applicants do not apply until they have obtained information about the company. This happens via websites, press articles, social media etc. 57% do not apply for a position if there is a lack of relevant information or there is bad publicity about the company.

Quite thought-provoking in a labor market where there is a shortage of labor in many sectors.

Timely and precise communication costs time – not least administratively. In companies, it must be clear that resources must be set aside, especially in peak load situations.

Administrative matters can be relatively easily digitized today. Time and spare time for a personal engagement is an essential aspect of Employer Branding. Put another way: Focus on the fact that the applicants exist for the sake of the company and not that the company exists for the sake of the candidates.